Henry holding down the fort

Bill enjoying his Miller Lite

Regulars lining the original taproom

Our Story


Tom Kanos sharing a cold one with Henry Bolt

Tom Kanos immigrated from Greece in 1941 moving his family into the Sedgefield neighborhood, in 1947 he turned a local drugstore into a corner bar and grill naming it after the road it was built off of, Greystone, but locals called it Tom's Tap. 
Starting off as a small bar and grill Greystone was serving up cold beer and burgers as well as other local favorites. It later became a full service restaurant in the 50's. In 1971, Kanos sold the business to his son-in-law Andy Koutsokalis who ran Greystone through the 90's. Koutsokalis had the bar lined with regulars that quickly became friends and extended family. Greystone has remained a popular establishment for Charlotte locals as well as those just passing through for decades due to their at-home environment and friendly service.  

Today Tommy Koutsokalis, Andy's son, is keeping the tradition alive. You can catch grandchildren of Greystone's original regulars at the bar to this day as patrons. Locals and first timers walk through Greystones doors each day excited about the food and of course those awesome affordable daily drink specials.  

Greystone has weathered everything from changing area demographics to a complete building relocation over its 70 year history. Their constantly evolving nature and grounded roots makes each day at Greystone different than the last and we look forward to seeing you there soon.